Sunday, October 17, 2010

Coming Soon- Mixed Fruit Pseudo Cheesecake

My apologies for posting these teasing images. This recipe will by far be my most ambitious dessert because of the many levels and layering of this cold delight.

By Monday afternoon the fruits will set and I will show you all the goodness thats sits below that gelatinous crimson tide topping.

1/2 BBQ CHICKEN+ 2 SIDES - $45.00 TT

The prices we have to pay for a barbeque lunch or dinner is becoming more and more ridiculous. Its not the price I am taking issue with but the tasteless carbonized rendition that every goat feels they can make.

There are some businesses that need to be closed as their ingredients and food preparation and presentation are super sub standard.

If only persons took the patience and pride to prepare in the Pseudo Chef manner folks will easily fork out more for a better quality BARBEQUE.

Gourmet Doubles....Assembly Required

Americans have hot dogs, the Lebanese have gyros, Africans have Accra and Saltfish, but Trinidadians have identified Doubles as the number one fast food that's good at anytime of day.

This dish has made persons wealthy because of its simple ingredients and usually low overheads required to set up shop.

I never thought it would have been a dish I'd prepare until I choose to stun my family at a recent gathering. I made close to 55 of these and they went in less than 20 minutes! Makes me wanna setup shop on a weekend and earn extra cash!

So ow yuh want it? With or without? Yuh eating or is to go?

I'm on a roll.....Currants Roll!

Unless you are allergic to currants you must have had these before. I always though there preparation was so complex given the multiple concentric circles of this pastry until I discovered short crust pastry in the freezer section of t he supermarket!

Once you've got the crust all you need is basic flour rolling skills and you too can be on a roll !

Note to self next time sprinkle sugar and simple syrup to glaze.... Yummmmm!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Shrimp Wontons...the more you have - the more you wont!

Tried my hand on these Chinese appetizers and they were amazing! Usually you cant tell whether its shrimp or chicken they use as the filler because it mixed with so much filler but these were on the absolute contrary.

I puree 16-20 peeled deveined shrimp along with garlic onion, shadowbenni and ginger. This made for the most sumptuous wonton I have ever had.

Need to try with chicken someday

Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Little Sunshine- Lemon Cornmeal Cake with Lemon Glaze and Blueberries.

As a child my mom always used to put a piece of lime rind into the butter and sugar before she started the creaming process. It always gave her sponger cakes a great citrus flavor.

Fast forward 20 something years and I am doing the same only with lemon and the use of zester to extract all the lemon's outer goodness.

This was a great cake and I have been wanting to try this recipe for sometime. The lemon glaze and blueberries contrast the semi sweet cornmeal sponge cake wonderfully.

I will have to work on a recipe to make these in a mini version.

Look out for a smaller ray of sunshine soon.

Chicken with Geera and Tamarind Chutney

Usually I would oven BBQ breast bones but the idea to prepare them this way came like a thunderbolt at 3am! I had to act so I quickly washed and seasoned the chicken left it to marinade for a few hours and after Sunday Lunch 4.0 I decided to give this Geera a shot from scratch. It was quite if I do say so but I believe what would have taken in out of this world would have been Garam Masala as opposed to the Amchar Massala which I had.

Ah well the next time will be better which is extremely difficult to imagine considering the taste of these fantastic cutters that happened to go quite well with the Arabic Rice

Sunday Lunch 4.0

Sunday is the day that we set aside for a complete family day. Its starts with the best breakfast of the week that takes us through to our usual late Sunday Lunch after 4pm.

Today's dishes were with a Lebanese theme. In the pictures there is Arabic rice, Arabic Potatoes - and let me say that I have finally found the right combination and method to make the local Arabic Potatoes pale in comparison. Anyways there is roasted peppers with red onions and celery and grilled honey lemon king fish steaks in and incredible made from scratch sauce.

That sauce was the perfect partner for that fish and would have gone well with most seafood. Perhaps I need to start bottling stuff as the Pseudo Chef Secret Sauce!


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Pineapple Cherry Cinnamon Crunch Cake.

With a title that long and descriptive I don't need to add much more to this post. This post was meant to qualify the adage 'a picture is worth a thousand words'!

I had so much difficulty in deciding which picture to add I could not post the usual three per recipe.

So to add to the 6000 words that my pictures have 'written' I testify that this was an incredible taste experience.
The crunch in the title come from the roasted walnuts that you may be able to identify.

It doesn't get better!

Chicken Roulade - Delectable Treats Inside!

More and more I am discovering that to every complex looking dish there is a simple technique and this recipe holds true to that statement.

These are chicken breasts stuffed with parsley, chives, green onions,breadcrumbs and pepper jack cheese! The ingredients are easy to find and prepare just like the dish itself.

The next time I revisit this recipe I would use larger breasts and some unusual 'innings' (stuffing) to take this up a notch.

Oh yeah did I mention that there is also Bacon in those rolls?

Yum they were really really good!