Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I'm Bringing Sexy Baby Back Ribs.....Back!

It took three ribs and close to 9 months to get these photos for this site!

The first ribs I wanted to feature were back in November but I just couldnt resist tearing into them and lets just say they were no longer 'photogenic'

The second attempt was in late February and my family got to those ribs before I could retrieve my camera so again no pics to share.

I am in awe tonight as I upload these pics that I was able to resist my GREATEST BBQ RIBS EVER and by so doing have them to 'savor' as they are now immortal..the pics at least!

I am not sure whether you can see the rub that I applied to this Bad Boy Baby Back but it was by far the best. Chef John of Foodwishes would be proud of these ribs as indicated by the brush marks of the bbq sauce on the meat and great lacquered apperance of the finished product.

Somebody ask Mr Chow if he's ready for a Throwdown!

Coming Soon - Pseudo Bento Plates?

Well I had elaborate plans for this long weekend to bring everything in my life up to date that has been somewhat neglected.

So I had plans to knock off a couple projects around the home and from my classes.... epic failure!

There were numerous cooking plans as well with and each day of the four day long weekend was supposed to have it own theme ...another epic failure!

This was about the best I could put together on the last day of the weekend even the table and plating were a bit sloppy.... but all the same the food was fantastic and should have been served over three courses but I reduced it to two the first course of soup is not featured but who know maybe another long weekend.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Ebelskivers & Honey Glazed Fruit- Good Morning World!

This is the second time that I'm featuring Ebelskivers on the site which is consistent with rhe promise I made in an earlier post.

It was a beautiful Sunday morning with the light and crisp and its that freshness that inspired this simple meatless breakfast of lemon batter ebleskivers with cinnamon honey butter and a honey glazed medley of fruits in a bed of iceberg lettuce.

Light, Tasty, Crisp and Satisfying.

Parmesan Meatballs with Fettuccine & Crostini defintely Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs!!

Just about everyone has had spaghetti and meatballs to the point that they are synonymous jut like salt and pepper, night and day, okay okay okay you get it.

Well I am little tired of the sloppy joe approach which requires the meat to be c0oked to the consistency of chewing gum then dumped in this red sea of either too sweet or too acidic sauce.
These meatballs were made using minced beef, eggs, breadcrumbs, chive, onions, celery garlic and Parmesan. I substituted the traditional spaghetti for fettuccine, a simple but very tasty crostini appetizer and the most glorious tomato sauce I have ever tasted.

The glorious sauce featured lots of garlic, olive oil, an onion, fire roasted tomatoes and fresh basil and parsley at the end of the cooking process. The mushrooms were cooked in the fat and cheese produced from baking the meatballs.