Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I'm Bringing Sexy Baby Back Ribs.....Back!

It took three ribs and close to 9 months to get these photos for this site!

The first ribs I wanted to feature were back in November but I just couldnt resist tearing into them and lets just say they were no longer 'photogenic'

The second attempt was in late February and my family got to those ribs before I could retrieve my camera so again no pics to share.

I am in awe tonight as I upload these pics that I was able to resist my GREATEST BBQ RIBS EVER and by so doing have them to 'savor' as they are now immortal..the pics at least!

I am not sure whether you can see the rub that I applied to this Bad Boy Baby Back but it was by far the best. Chef John of Foodwishes would be proud of these ribs as indicated by the brush marks of the bbq sauce on the meat and great lacquered apperance of the finished product.

Somebody ask Mr Chow if he's ready for a Throwdown!

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