Friday, November 5, 2010

Magazines and Miami

I never thought of my dishes ever gracing the front page of a fancy food magazine until I saw a recent Barefoot Contessa episode and saw how much effort is put into making that perfect shot for the cookbook or the magazine that captures the attention of the reader.

Today I stumbled upon a very useful app that makes the dream possible with my simple 5 megapixel shots.

Take a look see ....Not bad huh!

This weekend I am flying to Miami with my family where we'll spend a couple days in Doral and then another few days in the heart of Downtown Miami in the swaggy spanking new JW Marriott Marquis.

I hope to cop tons of shots of all the food I always wanted to consume that are signature Americana. I hope to hit all the who is who if American Family Dining and capture all these shots for future reference when I attempt to Pseudo those mouth watering recipes for this site.

Look out for updates by the weekend of the 12th November.

This will truly be a Foodie November to Remember!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Peanut Butter Mini Cheesecakes....Butterfingers inside!!

Japanese Texan Chicken...let the powers combine!

I am usually confused by the chefs of Food Network when they make the statement that chicken is boring. I am like all my life I have had this meat in stews, baked, fried, sandwiches, pastries during the week, as Sunday meals and even as a substitute for the traditional bird at Christmas. So what's with all this no flavor?

To me the flavor is all in the seasoning - which goes way beyond boring salt and pepper.

For this oven fried chicken I seasoned the pieces generously with a Cajun rub, salt and crushed black pepper. They were then marinated in salad dressing before being coated by the secret ingredient in the yellow package in the background. Baked for 1.5 hrs at 180C. If you want the chicken to be a more moist go for 1 hour instead. But these were really really good.

Mixed Fruit Pseudo Cheesecake

Sometimes I am completely stunned by some of the desserts I create. In many instances the ingredients, colors, plating and especially the response from those who had the opportunity to share makes it all worthwhile.

This particular dessert is a spin on the traditional cheesecake recipe as it uses basically the same ingredients but in different proportions. As you can see the the fruit and crust are exaggerated as compared to the cheesecake centre.

The next time this is prepared I have to remember to add all fruits colors except red after the gel sets so that their vibrant colors are not thus adding more beauty to the dessert's presentation.