Friday, November 5, 2010

Magazines and Miami

I never thought of my dishes ever gracing the front page of a fancy food magazine until I saw a recent Barefoot Contessa episode and saw how much effort is put into making that perfect shot for the cookbook or the magazine that captures the attention of the reader.

Today I stumbled upon a very useful app that makes the dream possible with my simple 5 megapixel shots.

Take a look see ....Not bad huh!

This weekend I am flying to Miami with my family where we'll spend a couple days in Doral and then another few days in the heart of Downtown Miami in the swaggy spanking new JW Marriott Marquis.

I hope to cop tons of shots of all the food I always wanted to consume that are signature Americana. I hope to hit all the who is who if American Family Dining and capture all these shots for future reference when I attempt to Pseudo those mouth watering recipes for this site.

Look out for updates by the weekend of the 12th November.

This will truly be a Foodie November to Remember!

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