Saturday, January 15, 2011

Miami Meals - Chili's Finale

Well we are right back where I started Chili's! We ended the trip with lunch at MIA. For the first time I tried the chilli at Chili's and it was damn good. Very spicy for a nexium needing stomach like mine but I still indulged.

I also tried a spicy Honey Chipotle dip with Batter Fried Chicken Fingers and they were like WOW. Based on this I created my own honey Chipotle BBQ sauce recipe at home and that received great reviews from those lucky to sample.

My oh My Miami was marvellous and magnificent. Each day was filled with laughter and learning. Somehow I misplaced the pictures of the meal I had at the Cheesecake Factory which was flatiron steaks, another brilliant plate and the dessert was like no other I have ever had and they are well deserving of their moniker.

Well that's it for Miami 2010. Who knows where I will have the opportunity to fly next. Be certain though that once I do, those plates will be immortalized in photos and the experiences and tastes shared with you as best as I can.

The Pseudo Chef

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