Saturday, January 15, 2011

Marriott Marquis Miami- Dinner

Let me start off this post by declaring I dont have the vocabulary required to describe the pictures in this post.

I am humbled and extremely honoured and feel an extreme sense of pride and privellege to have stayed at the spanking new Marriott Marquis Miami less than one month since their doors were opened in October 2010.

The hotel breathes a level of luxury that I have not ever experienced at the Hiltons and Hyatts that I have stayed.

The very first night we opted to order in rather than dine at one of the restaurants downstairs.
Dios Mio, the Filet Mignon was ordered medium well done. Let me declare again I have never had any steak anywhere that was better prepared. The meal was like nothing I have ever experienced, from the plating the white glove service, the flatwear, the taste and consistency of the meats- second to nothing.

With this single meal I learnt three important things. Firstly always to be mindful to appreciate the importance of not overpowering food with seasonings. Secondly one should not compromise taste and quality when purchasing or preparing steaks. Thirdly if prepared correctly the natural flavor of the meat is what makes the dish perfect and not the slathering of condiments. Fourthly a well executed pan sauce is all the condiment you will ever need with a good steak.

The assortment of breads were interesting and I have never seen Cheesecake presented in that manner- Iron Chef America style.

Allow me to adapt from Smokey Robinson as only his lyrics can help me convey the thoughts sealed in these photos. ...''Let the pictures take your mind...... just release all you have known before and you will find''.

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