Saturday, January 15, 2011

Miami Meals - Fast Foods

Having a car when on vacation gives you the opportunity to accomplish so much and gives you the convenience of not having to depend on public transportation or a spending upwards of $10US one way!

The Taurus and the Garmin GPS gave us the confidence to roam anywhere at anytime as home was just a click and a couple turn by turn signal away.

We bought dozens of Krispy Kreme donuts and for anyone who has not had this taste experience I can declare you dont know donuts until you tries these bad boys. The first time I had them were a couple years ago when a good friend's aunt brought her a couple and she shared two with me. My God! 10-15 secs in the microwave and you are in Pastry Heaven. Forget what you have ever ate this is the Best Donut you will ever have! Its is my understanding that only thing that beats this is the experience of a Krispy Kreme donut directly from one of there bakeries. Until then .......

I am tired of being blitzed by KFC cable ads for Grilled Chicken as its not offered in Trinidad. Man! its like Original recipe on steroids!. It is high addictive and can be regarded as the methamphetamine of fried chicken. Wow that is some good smokey seasoned stuff. The Colonel should be promoted to commander and chief after creating this taste. Unlike Buckleys it tastes fantastic and its good for you or at least better than fried chicken.

If I did a questionaire to determine what people do at 2:30am, the # 1 response would be sleep except for Nymphos and teenagers with volcanic hormones eruptions. Well this guy was in Mc Donalds at a local Super Walmart picking up a Mc Rib sandwich (think I'm lying check the time on the watch next to the Taurus keys). To start I though this was going to be real ribs and not a patty. Can I say I was disappointed...yep a little but all in all the sandwich was okay at best. It was my least favorite experience but being able to cop one that hour of the morning with nuggets fries and APPLE PIES was AWESOMMMMEEE!

Did I mention how much I love Apple Anything?

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