Saturday, January 15, 2011

Miami Meals - Red Lobster

On Sunday afternoon we had dinner at Red Lobster and this was an experience I have been yearning for since my very first visit to Miami.

Let me just say that all the hype displayed in their cable ads are absolutely accurate. The food was incredible starting with the cesar salad with croutons and cheddar cheese biscuits and that's just the appetizers which are in apparent endless supply. I have already replicated the biscuits a couple times since I have returned much to the delight of my fam and a few food fans at the office.

We ordered two platters as shown the pictures in this post and ended it all off with an Apple crumble cake with vanilla ice cream. The lobster and shrimps were wood grilled to perfection. The scampi and oh yes how could I forget. As an appetizer they served this kind a Shrimp Rocafeller all I can say is like Usher.....Oh My Gosh!

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