Sunday, July 15, 2012

Tostones with Sauteed Seafood Medley in Shrimp Stock

I recently dined at a local restaurant and was pleasantly surprised by their menu offerings. As I perused the menu I saw an appetizer featuring plantain cups and was intrigued. Although I did not have the appetizer I did some research and found that it was quite a gourmet treat.
The Pseudo Chef (c) 2012

All the recipes I found called for green plantains which I opted out for half ripe plantains which gives the best both worlds i.e. not too sweet and not bland.
The Pseudo Chef (c) 2012

The recipes also called for a tool to shape the cups called a Tostonera or to improvise. I tried all the improvisations and they failed. I also found that most images of the cup were either to flat or the edges were irregular unlike a cup.
The Pseudo Chef (c) 2012

After many attempts I found that the use of a small ramekin and a tablespoon measuring vessel were the perfect pair.

I served my Tostones with a seafood medley, that I cooked in my home made shrimp broth, and a spicy tomato salsa to top it off.

Served with white wine these were the perfect appetizer.

The Pseudo Chef (c) 2012

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