Sunday, July 22, 2012

Monkey Bread - Who is your Uncle?

Finally I decided to make this breakfast treat. The first time I saw or heard of this Monkey Bread was at a Crown Hotel in Little Rock Arkansas. I went after the usual breakfast items and for some silly reason although I wanted to try this SO BAAD because of it look just gooey and cinnamoney and all the EES but I resisted.

After some research over the last few days I found a recipe that was easy and the results amazing. Next time though I will be going for increasing the goey factor exponentially. I will aim for the ultimate sugar rush, to have any diabetes society refer to me as armed and extremely dangerous to be revered as diabetes public enemy number one.... you get the picture.

Note to self...acquire a metal bundt pan as the silicon doesnt generate enough heat to make the sugar and butter caramelize. Secondly find the
ultimate home made caramel recipe!

Hope you enjoy these.

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