Sunday, July 15, 2012

Bacon, Chive,Cheese and Sour Cream Stuffed Potatoes

The Pseudo Chef (c) 2012

I have no excuse or reason that I can provide that will justify my long absence from the Blog. Its not that I have not been cooking and practising new recipes; it's just that I have been so caught up in other activities that I have not taken any shots that were worthy of being posted. Interesting recipes like Vera Cruz Styled Marlin, Smoked Garlic Marlin, Roasted Garlic Chicken and so many more didnt make to being immortalized but I promise to revisit these and other and produce the results for your viewing and inspiration.
The Pseudo Chef (c) 2012

Today's posts is based on a childhood favourite that I had some how forgotten to do for the site. I remember my Mom preparing these especially on Sunday for lunch and they were so good.
The Pseudo Chef (c) 2012

Now I have added my own twist with chive and bacon and sour cream to create the smoothest rich flavoured baked stuffed potatoes ever. In one shot I have it paired with a roasted garlic thigh and leg with an amazing pan sauce and fresh peppers.

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