Saturday, May 14, 2011


Saturdays should be declared as the official BBQ day of the week! It the end of the stressful week and the only day that is really yours to kick back and do just what you want to do.

I wanted today to be a special bbq day since I ve been craving this all week. Furthermore this is the place that my passion for cooking started so from time to time I need to take the pilgrimage back to the place of divine intervention!

There it is ...... marinated for a couple hours in cider vinegar and other dried seasonings. Since I was using my kettle grill today and not any of the smokers I decided to get these partially cooked in the oven at 140C for 1 hour then it was off to the grill to get the charred look which took about 45 mins. I then reduced the flame and allowed these to slow cook while basting them in a marinade of seasoned pan drippings from the pre cooking process another 40 mins or so.

Once cooked through as indicated by the meat pulling away from the bones I started the glazing with the BBQ sauce and then left them a further 40 mins to be smoked with a wood chip blend.

You need some of this!

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