Monday, August 9, 2010

PowerPuffed Pizzas!

'The City of Townsville!'
The opening exclamation to each episode of one of my favorite modern cartoons. I may not have the awesome powers of that pint sized trio or the desire to overtake the world for personal gain like Mojo Jojo but I can guarantee that these are the perfect hunger stoppers and crowd pleaser.

Lets discuss a couple pros and cons:
1. They are bite sized
2. They are customizable i.e. can be filled with any favorite from ham to pepperoni, pineapples etc.
3. Can be served in one big tray (less washing up)
4. It contains real cheese! Cheddar, Mozarella, Colby, Sharp/American Cheddar
5. Prep time is 15 minutes which includes 10 minutes to stand!
6. Bakes in 25 minutes.
7. Cheaper and better tasting that ordered pizza.

1. You can never make enough!

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