Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Caramelized Apples...Eve never stood a chance!

I absolutely love apples and could understand now why Eve from the Bible and my Yve never stood a chance at resisting. I am no Eve but have always been overwhelmed by its natural taste as well as in in apple pies (baked and fried), with ice cream and of course in apple crisp.

Recently whilst making a batch of Ebleskivers I used some Betty Cocker Apple pie filling in and on them and they were fantastic. Of course they ran out by the time I made the apple crisp so I was left to despair though not for long as I created my own recipe for all that sweet goodness. It was basically the marrying of two different recipes and me sizing the ingredients to my taste. Well for my first attempt at this it was 'Damn Good' (so says everyone who has had it) and I look forward to the new and improved second attempt.

Oh yeah I forgot to mention these Caramelized Apples goes good with anything so go on experiment!

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