Monday, October 28, 2013

French Apple Pound Cake

French Apple Pound Cake - The Pseudo Chef 2013

I love cakes probably as much as the other guy however when that cake is paired with Apples I think I will appear ahead of everyone else. I dont know if this was mentioned in any previous post but I love apples with anything. My God no wonder in so many illustration of Adam and Eve the apple is used as the object of enticement. If the serpent had used caramelized apples then he would have snagged Adam sooner !

French Apple Pound Cake - The Pseudo Chef 2013

 Enough of the Bible stories let's get on with the post and the pics. I made this hybrid pound cake as part of an assessment; needless to say that the lecturer was wonderfully impressed as the cake delivered on all the key criteria, method, texture, appearance and taste.

French Apple Pound Cake - The Pseudo Chef 2013

Peer evaluation/feedback of the cake was also fantastic as not only did I receive numerous requests for the recipe but  I had to give samples as they practically stopped just short of threatening me with physical injuries.

The recipe is as simple as:

  1. Follow standard pound cake recipe 
  2. Caramelize your favorite apples 
  3. Apply apples to pan and then cake batter 
  4. Bake to perfection. 
  5. Flip and enjoy.

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